Saturday , September 25 2021

Autumn Roundup

Black Rebels, Poland

It was a very nervous and bad period – the most important cases happened not on the court. After bankruptcy and the decline we managed to build the team which advanced to the III league competition. We hoped for the further promotion. Unfortunately but it turned out to be impossible.

At present Polonia Warszawa. is playing as the team of the juniors club. Fans and activists are building the new club but there are many conflicts here because some don’t understand what the cooperation means. Before beginning the league competition, after the preseason coach Dziewicki was dismissed.

Fans didn’t accept it – even an attendance boycott was threatened. New coach Piotr Szczechowicz wasn’t accepted by fans. The confusion and negotiations lasted a few months. After all success – in October an agreement of all groups was achieved and the new company was established – fans are supposed there to have their representatives and any decision can’t be taken without us.

The bad atmosphere in the club influenced the games of the team – instead of victories we witnessed poor performances; defeats and draws. Only the derby with the II team of Legia (reserves) was strong. We lost (note that within the “reserves” of the Legia players from their first squad also played) but there was a good contest. The unwanted coach walked away and the new coach was Dariusz Dźwigała – player – legend  of Polonia came in. With new coach we won the last two matches. This gives us much hope for the future.

Polonia Warszawa isn’t only a football club. We have a few teams and after footballers hearts are our women’s basketball squad. There are always a set of fans and an enthusiastic support at their games.

Recent months were, for Black Rebels, also activities outside the stadiums. As the part of Anti-fascist Warsaw we participated in many actions. Amongst these was the demo in defence of the “Syrena” squat and many actions against neo-fascists and nationalism. These was for us, arduous, yet rewarding, months.




Rebel Ultras