Saturday , September 18 2021
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Games, Action and Group Evolution

Frente Rojiblanco, Spain

Here we are again with our monthly report! Since our last report our team had five matches and we attended four of them.

First match was at home against ‘Extremadura UD’, one of the two teams from our region that have played at first Spanish division (Extremadura UD and Mérida CP). Both teams had several economic problems in recent years so now we are in the same competition.

Extremadura UD is leading our league but our team played an amazing match and nearly caused an upset for Extremadura UD. Unfortunately we lost 0-1. Support was better than previous matches but we continue in a difficult moment for the group. A transition season. We also showed a message against racism (previous week, many Extremadura UD’s fans chanted racist songs against a rival player).

Next Sunday, 10 members of the groups moved to Valdivia. It was a special match because at this stadium (called 1st May) we gained our promotion two seasons ago. We won 2-3.

Third match was again a home match against ‘Atlético Pueblonuevo’. For this match we started a campaign to collect clothes and medicines for Donbass. We won the game 1-0.

The campaign was continued two weeks later when our team played against ‘Hernán Cortés’ (a very little village). We beat them 3-1.

Now we are focused in reconstruct the group (many people have left the group since last season without motivation. Probably the game against Hernan Cortés was the last in our current location. Coming soon we will move to a new terrace that has been built and we really hope to recover the atmosphere of previous season.

Soon you will know!


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