Saturday , September 25 2021

Season Roundup

Brigadas Amarillas, Spain

The Cadiz C. F.  began this season as team leader of the Second Division B with the hopes of fans placed on a future upgrade to the silver division.
On our second home game in early September, we organized a collection of medical supplies for the people of Gaza that resulted in great success with support from across the Ramon de Carranza stadium.
For a Copa del Rey match on September 10th, we were victims of police abuse, which made ipossible to show a banner intended to celebrate the 101 years of our team, besides arresting a collegue for wearing a t-shirt in solidarity with our brother Alfon from Madrid, whose trial was held days after the game.

With the month of October came FARE weeks and our anti-racism activities we organize every year. Thus, during the match played in mid-October we choreograph our team colors to express that no other color matters, only the color of your team. We also organize a discussion on women in football and discrimination by society.
Meanwhile, last Sunday we showed a banner in solidarity to the comrades of the Gate 9 and unfair situation with the new terror law in Cyprus.
Finally, along with various ultras groups in the country, we have

launched a campaign to donate clothes to people in countries at war throughout the month of November.

Rebel Ultras