Saturday , September 25 2021

Aid to the Genovese

Gruppo Autonomo Viareggio, Italy

The season has finally started and now the guys in the group are called to support the team.

Despite the downsizing of the team, it still attracts support and games are played in good public presence. High cheering passion and support for the team are evident throughout the games.

During our last match, which took place on Tuesday 21 boys in the group had organized a collection of the basic necessities to those affected by the floods of Genoa, which unfortunately happened a couple of weeks ago. These where the second such disastrous floods in the city of Genoa in the last few years.

Materials were collected on the day of the match and we delivered the goods to the families and children today at the Group Andrea Verrina Genoa, who shall distribute the supplies to those in need.

It was yet another instance when we were blessed in succeeding to set in motion the mechanism of ACTIVE SOLIDARITY in an effort to bring our, little, but yet valuable help to a population hit once again by such an unfortunate natural catastrophe. A population which is once again called upon to abandon their institutions and homes, keep a chin up and start rebuilding all over again.

We are here to offer our active assistance and solidarity



Rebel Ultras