Thursday , October 21 2021

Short Season Roundup.

Sector Latino, USA

Goodbye 2014

As the season came to a close for the Chicago Fire Soccer Club on October 24, 2014 against long time rival Houston Dynamo, there is various things we can reflect on this year. Of course everyone remembers in the beginning of the season the whole situation about our section being tried to be taken away from us for no apparent reason.

But thanks to every member of the group and various supporters groups around the country showing solidarity towards the situation we were facing, and thanks to various activities like the Sector Latino concert back in March 9,2014 the section removal of Sector Latino never happen.

Through the 2014 season our group saw various ups and downs with new leadership in the group and various new members joining in.

As we progress as an organized supporter group, the future looks very bright for Sector Latino as we are establishing our self as an independent group apart from Section 8 with more focus on our style of support toward the team.

Towards this new focus of independent support from our group from things that have been done in the past we have taken upon ourselves to show the principals and beliefs we have as a group on and off the pitch.


Rebel Ultras