Thursday , October 21 2021

October Update.

Ultras Bohemians, Czech Rep.



Coming back after a long spell we would like to update you with all that has happened in the Land of the green Kangaroo within the last few weeks.




Dukla – Bohemians

In the 7th round of the league awaited another away game, our travelling sector hosted 350 people, so the “kangaroos” travelled with strength for this encounter and it was clear that in the audience that day that the green and white colors would prevail.


Bohemians – Slavia

Some info about situation ours stadium :

Ďolíček – it’s about the ownership of the stadium. There are problems with renting the stadium and this situation should have been solved by exchanging some estates. The municipality still didnt approve it so the owner decided to give the club a dismissal to another athletic ground. The situation is being solved now so we hope we stay there …

Derby match was on! and at the beginning of the game we prepared a “common” choreo with the Slavists – in our sector green and white sign “two clubs” in the sector away red “Two stadiums”.

another banner also brought into the field by the players.

In the second half was more of a symbol of our Choreography for Stadium Ďolíček

We also made ​​a banner for the Antifascist brother from Greece (Pavlos Fyssas) who was cowardly murdered by a Golden Dawn Fascist a year ago.

Baník Ostrava – Bohemians

The away sector saw some 130 people, a classic number at more distant trips. Once again our presence was felt and we supported the team strongly throughout the encounter.

Bohemians – České Budějovice

On this match we prepared a special choreography for the International Animal Protection Day

BONUS: Love Football Hate Racism Tournament

tournament which is held every year in action fare week, organized by Bohemians Ultras and anti-fascist actions, for example, many participants took part in for example groups. Barflies, LBHR, Alcohol Bastards, Buchta Genk, AFA Šumperk and Rumové Pralinky from Liberec, etc


We also displayed a banner for Alexei Sutuga who was convicted for three  years by the oppressive state authorities.

Rebel Ultras