Saturday , September 18 2021


BAC New LogoDerby with many problems.

The last Saturday (October 4th) was our game against the team of Cruz Azul, hours before the game, Brigada Azul Crema members met on different points around the city, some on the cultural market ”El Chopo” and few on the Capital Zocalo to distribute the 6th fanzine’s edition ”A cry on the stands” and subsequently go to Revolution monument where would be meeting all Ritual del Kaoz members, enjoy some beers and go all together to the match away. Sadly, the constant stalking from the Police and their stupid sidekicks finished on a confrontation among police and Club América fans which culminated with some of our members being arrested. Meanwhile we still have court cases open and are constantly making fundraisers to collect the money necessary for pay for legal fees and their liberation; plus the “extra charges” that our corrupt police system often invents so as to receive more money from people.

Already outside the installations of the ”Blue stadium” continued the spread of our fanzine. Also in our effort to avoid all modern football checks (such as excessive ticket pricing), as we try to every time, without not entering the stadium and leaving our team alone; many of us found “other” ways to get ourselves inside. Sometime with shrewdness, sometimes with brute force.

And of course, as anticipated, our actions once again where confronted by the faithful dogs of the system, the police. This time the confrontation was during the game! Things went from bad on worse… abysmal score for our team and a constant oppression by part of police forces, which culminated in even more confrontations inside and outside the stadium.

We dont care though! we are used to these behaviour and we will continue to fight back and oppose anything that tries to contain our free will!

Rebel Ultras