Saturday , September 25 2021
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Back in Action & Freedom to Alfon!

Bukaneros, Spain

After a hardworking summer, we started this season full of energy and willing. We keep working hard in every way of the group, like our choreos, which are ever present during this first matches.

We started the season against Atletico de Madrid, last season’s champions, where we displayed two different choreos, the first of all, according with the “member’s campaign” we developed during the second half of the summer, with a big flag saying: This is the craziness that give us life. On the second half we displayed another one, making a stand against fascism and zionism, according with what’s going on in Palestine and in Ukraine.

At the end of the match, we showed the players in their way to the dressing rooms with a banner: “You just knew Vallekas; honour it until the last minute of the last match”, due to the club’s policy of renewing most part of the team every year.

Next match was special for us. Coruña away, we would have the opportunity to meet again Riazor Blues, after their year in second division last year. But modern football had a gift waiting for us. The match was fixed on Sunday, 21h. For home supporters may be aceptable, but visitors (us) had to drive 700km each way, arriving home on Monday morning with enough time just to have a shower and leave to work. Not a big deal. A bunch of us spent the weekend in the beach, sharing great times with local ultras, and even displaying a choreo at the beginning of the match.


After that, we hosted Elche at home. We displayed a choreo at the begining, rising and waving loads of new flags we prepared for this season, joining a banner displaying “I Love You Rayo”, the lyrics from one of our most simple but most popular songs. We also showed for the first time a few of the new big flags we created during this summer.

As always, the banner reclaiming the freedom for our brother Alfon was on the top of the terrace, where it will stay until he gets total freedom from the persecution that cops and state have over him.

Next match, away, was the time for Villarreal, the last club of the top tier we had never visited. So there it was our banner with a bunch of us, following and supporting our club everywhere. Now it’s completely true. Everywhere.

Back home, just a couple days later, we hosted Athletic de Bilbao, on a Wednesday, so the traditional party between both pack of fans, was completely mental! Good numbers for visitors for a Wednesday, but nothing comparing with what they usually show with a normal timetable.

We received the team with all our new big flags, and big numbers in the stadium, ready to create the atmosphere needed for a big football afternoon, getting the first victory of the season. First time “La Vida Pirata” was sang this season.

Out of stadium, we’ve been busy mainly working for our brother Alfon, who had to face the trial on September 18th, just to see how cops didn’t show up, having to delay the trial to a new date: November 25th.

We also launched our second radio show of the season.

Enjoy it!

Rebel Ultras