Thursday , October 21 2021

Let’s Start the Game!

Frente Rojiblanco, Spain

Hi friends! Here we are again!

League started a month ago for us, and now we have played 5 matches with 3 wins and 2 losses. Good start for a team that try to avoid the relegation. In the stands we are less number of people than previous season (many people live or study far from Azuaga and for other people ‘fashion is over’. We don’t want this kind of people with us)
First match was in home against Fuente de Cantos. We won the match in last minute with a goal of a young local player. We showed a tifo with the motto “Que empiece el juego” that means “Start the game”.
Next week we travelled to Olivenza (about 150km from Azuaga) to see our team rallied the match in last minutes for win 1-2.
Third match was our first defeat: 0-3 against Don Benito (a good team that is expected to finish somehwere in the middle-top of the league).
We also lost the next match: 1-0 in Coria (farthest trip, more than 500km round trip). 15 members of the groups were in Coria.
And last match was a win over Santa Amalia (another middle-top team) 1-0 with a good support.
Furthermore, our team has created a new reserve team so now we have football in our town every weekend. Good news!
Rebel Ultras