Saturday , September 18 2021

The Local Derby Report!

White Angels Zagreb, Croatia

GNK Dinamo vs NK Zagreb

 For the sixth match of the new season in the top league of Croatian football we all know and love, we made the journey to the east side of the city to visit our big rich neighbours who have changed their name and the year in which they were founded so many times over the past few years that we were no longer sure who we were playing against and what their tradition consisted of. We were sure of one thing though – Dinamo is our local rival and our favourite team from which to snatch a few points. With a large amount of effort and the commitment of the lads on the pitch – in the face of some clear help for the home team from the referee – combined with Dražen Medić’s “perfect” leadership and his brother Robert, we succeeded in taking a point home with us. Special thanks goes to Livakavić who saved better than ever before and to Stepčić who was shooting on top form.

Enough about the game, lets talk a bit about the Medić family – now there’s three of them on the scene, all of which have physically threatened us so far. Two lead the team from the bench, one of them plays and none of them have scored so far this season, a disappointing fact which must have a damaging effect on the mood at the table when they have their sunday lunch. The disagreements, as far as we have heard, have only been between Dražen and his son/’star player’ Lovro, so we would like to invite social services to come and take a look at what is going on at the club, given that the tax inspectors and police aren’t interested. As far as the Mamić (the manager of Dinamo, another well-connected criminal) family is concerned, they succeeded in emptying Dinamo’s stadium Maksimir, which meant that we turned out to be the loudest group in the stadium. We supported loudly, diversely and gave our all when it was needed most of all for the team. For our next match we are waiting for Split to pay us a visit and as all Zagrebians are aware, Split and all that comes from it is very dear to our hearts.

Rebel Ultras