Thursday , October 21 2021
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A friendly, a brotherhood, a start to the season.

Nostalgia Canaglia, Italy

Quartograd – Brutium Cosenza, a match and a friendship to prepare for the Prima Categoria

Quartograd is training to face the new challenge: the Prima Categoria. With a friendly match that finished 1-1 against Brutium Cosenza, Quartograd built also a friendship with this antifa team of the region of Calabria.  Brutium Cosenza is the team created by the leftist ultras of Cosenza calcio in 2011 as a form of rebellion against the restrictive measure imposed by the Italian government to ultras that oblige every supporter to give all the personal information to be allowed to follow the team in away games (the “Tessera”).

Brutium Cosenza hosted the match in a great spirit of brotherhood under the slogan “In this world corrupt and rotten, Quartograd and Brutium Cosenza are warriors for the real football”. During the game Nostalgia Canaglia showed a banner to remember Ciro and Davide, the first  Neapolitan ultras killed by a fascist in Rome before the Final match of Coppa Italia, the second a guy shoot dead by a police officer in the street of Napoli a few days ago, because he didn’t stop at the police checkpoint. The banner wrote “Ciro and Davide, killed by different hands, but of the same the mind. Murderers!”.

Quartograd is now trained by a new coach, Vincenzo Longobardi, because the former coach, Fabio Amazzini, left after the great match against Real Grumese, last 8 June (pictures of this last game are below), when the team won the championship and conquered the promotion in Prima Categoria (, just three years after the creation of the club. That day hundreds of people gathered on the terraces of Quarto singing and rooting to support the players. “We are always here, at your side, for Quartograd, we will fight!”, we all sang together. The match finished just 1- 1, but that was enough for us to be promoted.

This years the championship will be harder,  but some good player joined the team, chosen through a trial session from a lot of guys of the city that were eager to be part of  the Quartograd project. The championship will begin soon, the supporter, as always, will be on the terraces showing the Antifa flags and cheering…..’till dead. We are ready!


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