Saturday , September 25 2021

Kicking it off with style!


OFFICIAL LOGOThe Yorkshire Anti Fascist Network were in attendance to support and the plan was to have a ‘mini-choreo’ with flags, scarves and flares. However, the man with the flares didn’t turn up! So hopefully next time… The women played a valiant match, going down 6-4 eventually, but not before having had the lead and looking like the stronger team.

They scored a few blinding goals amongst their 4, the pick being Talin’s 25 yard shot that caught the keeper out and nestled into the top of the goal.

Player(s) of the match were Jane and Vero. The men had kicked off earlier in the day. This was a cup game and, to be fair, we never turned up. 3-0 down by half time, we eventually lost 5-1. Republica man of the match, our goal scorer, Luis.

Last weekend the men kicked off in the league. Playing at home against a new team to our league, Temple, we started better than in any of our pre-season friendlies. Pressing hard and dictating the play we somehow managed to concede a goal, a fabulous shot from just outside the box – 9 times out if 10 it would have gone flying wide or over the bar, this time was the 10th and it flew into the top corner.

Never giving up, Republica rallied, pressed again and finally Kham scored the equaliser. It looked as if we would get the winner but, alas, it wasn’t to be. 1-1 and our first point of the season. Man of the match was Sai.

Photos below are of YAFN supporting the Republica Women

Rebel Ultras