Saturday , September 18 2021
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Awaydays Barbecuing !!!

M-Side, Netherlands

M-Side starts his season …


After the great seasons opening in the St Johns Cathedral in the town centre where the complete squad and their supporters got a blessing from the priest and big FC Den Bosch supporter, the first matches are being played. The usual boring games have been played with a new team including 3 players rented from Juventus and 4 experienced highest division players and it looks like we are going to be trying to get back on the highest level and play the big teams….


The Old Boys of the M-Side did a reunion last year with over 150 lads and knew one thing for sure the “Ouwe Garde” (Old Boys) had to be more active and try to be there when needed. The first trip with their new banner was one of the few matches we can go to by car instead of buses: FC Emmen away! Emmen is a shithole in the east of Holland without any kind of firm so the M-Side “Ouwe Garde” decided to do a BBQ on the road to the east. We got a lot of attention from everyone including 3 policemen in a civilian car who had parked 50 m down the road. A shit game, shit away supporters…but a great day to remember!


Last friday the match against the second team of one of our big rivals AJAX was on as usual a lot of rumors about the lads from Amsterdam and about them showing up after the match. But this time it was more serious: roads were blocked, helicopters, riot squad and ACAB from Liege. At the end nothing happened because the Ajax fans got stopped on the motorway by ACAB because they knew that something was going on…The big problem of this time: social media!

Next time we will give you a story about a big match that is gonna be played 19th of October: NEC – FC DEN BOSCH This team is only 35 km away has a big and violent firm, so just nice to go there.

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