Saturday , September 25 2021

Summer Roundup



As summer comes to an end and the football season looms we can think back on several exciting events for Republica and their friends this summer.

20th July was the date of the second Yorkshire Sankt Pauli (YSP)Anti-Ra. Held up at the Caribbean Cricket Club, home of Republica for the past three years. This was an exciting proposition, bringing together like minded people from groups in Leeds including Leeds Anti-Fascist Network (LAFN), YSP, 1 in 12 (of Bradford) Republica and FC Kolektivo Victoria (of Leicester).

There is a report of the tournament here:

From the 7th to 11th of August Republica were in Dünsbach near Stuttgart for the network summer tournament. This is a network of teams from Germany, Belgium, England, Brazil, Poland, Lithuania (amongst others!) all coming together under the ‘Freedom Through Football’ banner.
There was a women’s 7s tournament, won by St Pauli Women; and a mixed 11s tournament won by The Yard from Totnes.

As at all of these tournaments there was excellent food, live music, football, plenty of beer and lots of good people to share it with!

After the trophy presentations we were even cooled down by the Sankt Pauli water canon.

 16th August at The Chemic in Leeds saw LAFN doing a fundraiser for the work they are doing and planning in the local community. There are details in their flyer:
and a photo of Skiprat (Ska-Punk-Reggae) playing in front of the Anti-Fa flag. A great night indeed!

YSP have a great football thing going within the local community and have been fantastic supporters of PAFRAS (Positive Action For Refugees & Asylum Seekers) see their fly here:

Next weekend sees the start of our football season, men and women alike, Forza!

Rebel Ultras