Saturday , September 18 2021
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The Repressional Fight Continues…

BAC New LogoEverything has been with repression from the directives for us.

Since the season have started, the managers inside Club América dosn’t want that the organization to introduce banners, drums or another thing that gives colour to our sector. Local games have seen very boring stands, but, do we care? well, on many opinions from our members or other people inside sector 48, we agree that we don’t need much of that… That the directive doesn’t leave introduction of drums or flags because they want to disappear us?… No probleeeeeem!!

I know how to sing, I know to clap, I know to jump, I have a shirt and I could get a shitload of other things and I can think many things that we could do to assemble a huge party!!

For these prohibitions must worry the small groups, they need many flags and other assets to hide their mediocrity, whereby they used the drums because their members do not sing.


While all of them deteriorate, our gang grows stronger and that’s why we are the best!

Supposedly the fucking directive would order the introduction of banners and drums the last game, but that wasn’t the case, until this instance isn’t rare for us stay on the terraces without one flag or a drum, on the contrary, our support has been even stronger, our throats never rest until the glory of our team who we love with all our heart.

Until now it has been a good season whereby we have won 4 of 4 games. This Saturday was the 5th journey and Club América draw against Chiapas, we will have a little derby against the fucking Pumas UNAM the next Saturday at the local stadium.

Our last one Fanzine (5th Edition, available below) was disseminated the Saturday 16 in the stadium, the topic was about the Gaza’s conflict and we tried to inform the crowds about this problem, what’s zionism, antisemitism and Hamas. Also, with help in their opinion from Ultras Hapoel members gave that touch of flavour on the fanzine, because thats better than the opinion from somebody who lives there and know much better the story and lives in the flesh this hard situation, thanks to Asaf and Fouad.

Solidarity with partizanminsk, later of the sad news about the team, the alert around the world and the called in solidarity with Partizan Minsk, Brigada Azul Crema answered to that called and with much love and solidarity we showed banners inside our stadium that same day, Partizan, this democratic team, has won the love of many people worldwide, Mexico isn’t the exception and we pronounced this with outright support for Partizan.  From here, much force and much love for all those ultras rebels who never will rest and will support the team strongest… see you the next year on the fields and the terraces dear brothers.

On the August 23rd remembering the international day of the slave trade and its abolition, some of us disseminated handouts on each of our zones where we live, in as much as that we live so far from each other, we preferred in this day to spread the word in our neighborhoods, taking the word and give some idea to the people with this topics and create conscience through our flyers.


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