Thursday , October 21 2021


Vamos Bien logoSummer always brings hot topics to our lives in our Mediterranean country.

When whole season has ended, all football fans wait yellow journalism about transfer policies of clubs and always something happened to argue. Our club, Fenerbahce living critical times since 3 July Match-Fixing Operation over the club.

Since then, Aziz Yıldırım(AY), club president, getting more and more power on club management. He send away Aykut Kocaman, former coach of club a year ago, same time.

He was a figure of fans. After sending him off, AY’s power increased dramatically and this summer, Ersun Yanal, the coach which followed Aykut Kocaman, has been fired as well! Because he made club to champion and his aura was increasing against the will, it seems,  to the one man, one “ruler” AY.

AY signed a contract with İsmail Kartal youth team coach. He is in club for years. And now, AY will rule the bench this season over İsmail Kartal. But what is our reaction to that? AY’s power increasing and he has now critical puppet characters in key positions in the club, club media organizations. Opposite movements are organizing autonomously. AY and local police organizations acting together. And police confronting whoever opposes AY. After firing Ersun Yanal, sit-in acts have been organised in front of the stadium. Non-identified banners, calling for an AY Resignation, have been left hanging here and there in neighbourhoods surrounding the stadium. After the season start, this organizations will increase.

Apart from this internal argument, after the coal mining disaster in Soma last May, Fenerbahce, Besiktas and Chelsea organized a friendship tournament on behalf of disaster casualties.

Rebel Ultras