Thursday , October 21 2021

Antiracist World Cup

Brigata Manicomio, Italy

On the 7th of July finished the 18th edition of the Antiracist World Cup, and the Brigata Manicomio was there, in the pitch, in the bar, under the stages, in spite of the many kilometres, that hardly frightened us.

Despite the exit from the elimination phase (against the champions), it was, for us a very good chance to cement old realationships and create new ones, with realities from all the country and beyond, realities of antiracism and antifascism (the real and militant one).

We want to express some thanks to who in a limpid way created situations of aggregation and comparison, obstracted as often happens from the interests that tempts the usual, as sponsors, administrations, etc. Exactly for this reason we have shared the protest of some companions against the minister for the integration Kyenge, who is not only the representation of the ruling class, to which we are opposed, but is also guilty for not impeding, with the resources made available, the presence of (CIE, CARA, etc…) where everyday thousand of people are forced, as if they were culpable of some hateful crime.

We want to remind everyone that from the 8th to the 11th of August, in Otranto (Le), will take place the 5th edition of the No Racism Cup: 4 days of tournaments, discussions and good music, under the banner of the Antifascism and the fight. There will be the companions from Milan, in order to present the book published for the 10th anniversary of the death of Dax, and a lot of other guests.

Then we feel obligated to comment what has been happening and is happening in these days: we are spectators and sometimes victims of the repression, that in Italy inflicts another hard shot to the fight against Tav by arresting Francesco, Lucio e Graziano; the last one is our companion and brother, always at our side in the streets and on the terraces.

Then, in the same days, continues in Palestine, in one of its most brutal and lowly forms, the genocide of the Palestinian population by the Israeli settlers, covered and defended by NATO and United States. On the side of those who fight, from Val Susa to the Gaza Strip, from Hamas to the No Tav!



Rebel Ultras