Saturday , September 25 2021

90 Years of Rayo !

Bukaneros, Spain

This is being a really busy summer for Bukaneros’ lads. Season was just ended when we got into a plane in our way to Hamburg for the Antira Sankt Pauli’14. We did our best in a split team with Gate 9; and our best was pretty good, much better than what we expected, at least the first day…

We also were part of two different panel-discussions: one about football fans in social protests, and one about repression in football (with the result of some amazed lads about the repression we suffer in Spain).

Good days and really good nights we spent with friends from all over Europe.

Some of our members were also present at Mondiali Antirrazzisti at Modena, participating in a pannel discussion, about footbal fans in social protests again.

And everything seems to turnaround tournaments, so we also played no only our own one, but Alkorhooligans’ (from ADA Alcorcón) and a few summer political ones, with different results (but never too good).

Back home, our activity has been constant, in two main directions: our traditional members campaign and political activism.

About our campaign, we created a “commercial” the same way we have been doing the past years, as the main point of our members catchment, with the title of “90 años de locura. Únete a Bukaneros”. This year, our club made 90 years, so we focused on this facing this new season. The campaign has been completed with lots of posters, paintings, stickers and everything you can imagine. Last year we broke our 500 members record, we’re pretty sure this year we will rise over 600. To complete this campaign, we came back with our radio show, talking about our club, our group, different groups, and almost everything an ultra can talk about…we hope to be back to stay.

About political sphere…we have been pretty busy as well: we’ve been present in Clement Meric’s memorial day in Madrid, and in Paris as well; we’ve participated in different antifascist and working class demos and acts in our city (women’s self defense, solidarity with Ukraine’s Resistance and Palestine, squatt defending, etc..)

This past weekend, we were part (and a big one) of the Vallekas’ popular fest know as La Karmela, promoted by organizations and collectives from Vallekas, creating an Space of meeting and joy apart from official institutions and capitalist wills. 4 days of acts, music, and popular meeting by the people for the people. Within this weekend,

We organized a memorial tournament for Carlos Palomino (Pollo), which was a complete success; but for our group, the top moment was the weekend closing pyroshow we made for our club’s anniversary…90 flares conmemorating the 90 years of our club, in one of the most famous Vallekas’ locations, a park where you can be seen from many points of the city, known as “Las Tetas” (“Boobs”), which was pretty

Amazing for us and for all the people who were there after the “official” pyroshow. Classic style vs. Ultra style….

Right now, we’re facing some more weeks of new season’s preparing work…one month to go!

Rebel Ultras