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End of Season and Duchatelet

Royal Standard De Liege. Liege-Belgium

Third news Ultras Inferno 96.


In the stadium.


We had 4 lasts games for hopping to be champions, but we lost one of them and finished second. That’s the absurdity of the Belgian league system: we lead the full year and finally finished second. But no excuse, everybody knows the system and we already took advantage of it. We didn’t lost the tittle; we give it to the others. The coach and the team were unable to manage the important games of these play off.


Standard – Zult,e  (4-1) : we organised a small tifo in memory of our lost friends, three members of UI96, and two of HS81. We will never forget you.


Standard – Bruges  (0-1) : The team had the best occasions, but we finally lost the game. We published a message against Platini, FIFA and UEFA after Platini says about Brazilians and the fact he hope they will stay quite  and not revolt during the WC : “ Platini, UEFA, FIFA… Pimps of the people’s misfortune… For you, fighting poverty is killing a mendicant !!!”.


Lokeren – Standard (1-3) : we win the game but the others also. Last game away for us. We organised a good pyro tifo.


Standard – Genk (1-0) : last game with a victory, but we finished the championship second.  We organised a big pyro tifo for this last game.


Off the stadium.


On the 24th of May, we organised our annual outside mini-foot tournament. It was a big success with the presence of 32 teams and a nice weather. Thanks to all the members whom organised it.


It is the WC, so media are focus on it and don’t speak a lot about the situation at Standard de Liège. The owner sells all of our bests players to get money and don’t replace them with valuable players. We are afraid we will not have a competitive team next season, and we already have qualification games for the champion’s league in two weeks. Like last year, we are afraid they will boycott the European competitions.  We think he just use the clubs of his “galaxy” to buy players, make them move from club to club in his “galaxy”, and sell them to make money. His only ambition is money, not directed by sportive results. Just a reminder: Duchatelet is the owner of 6 clubs in Europe: Standard de Liège (first division, Belgium), Sint-Truiden (second division, Belgium), Ujpest FC (first division, Hungary), Charlton Athletic FC (second division, England), FC Karl Zeiss Jena (fourth’s division, Germany), and AD Alcorcon (second division, Spain). The supporters of all of these clubs are pissed off with this situation.


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