Thursday , October 21 2021

Tribute to Paul Breitner


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The former Bayern Munich defender has always been adamant and public over his left wing political beliefs.

Often portrayed in the media as the intellectual rebel, the gifted footballer attracted attention from day one after posing for a photo in front of a picture of the Chinese Communist revolutionary Chairman Mao.

“Breitner acquired an image as a member of the political fringe ever since he was photographed in his younger years under a poster of Chairman Mao, and declared his sympathy for Che Guevara,”

German news weekly Speigel reported. “He made little secret of his political leanings in his early days,”

Die Zeit noted: “At the age of 20, Paul Breitner would react to stupid questions from reporters with provocative answers. Who do you admire most? Mao! What do you read? Marx! What is your greatest desire? A defeat for the Americans in Vietnam!”


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