Saturday , September 25 2021

Season finale

Ultras Bohemians, Czech Rep.

Bohemians-Dukla Praha:

In the “traditional” Major League time, on Friday, we welcomed our Ďolíček opponent.

Support throughout the match was very good, we went up first on the scoresheet and were able to maintain the level until the end. Home choreography “conquest of the Dukla Pass” was very original and responded to our position in the table, but our opponent. After the break, we displayed a choreography in response to “Bohemka Women’s Day.” At the end could not miss pyro (fireworks and several strobes) and of course the deserved thanks list.

However, the players did to the fence to greet the fans who were waiting for them. Too bad, because I think that such a small thing could restore confidence and encourage fans and at the end of the day the club did not lose whether it will next year in the top league or not. Guests arrived around 30, therefore they did not completely fail to show.

Jablonec vs Bohemians: After two weeks of “fasting” without league football match we had a last hope. In Jablonec for nearly 15 years we have not managed to win, but it is generally known that every “tradition” comes to an end. Access control are really thorough, but all our travelling party managed to enter into the sector just in time as the opening whistle blew. Our sector hosted about 300 Bohemka fans. Also in the main “Western” type grandstand were several dozen of our fans present as well.

Support was good from the start, and we did a 30 minutes to clear a sector půrotest against the Czech Football Association, while taking off banners and most of the flags. It should be noted that the sector really leaves everyone, including families with children. Transparent “STOP CENSORSHIP at the stadium” was exhibited in response to stadium measures.

Support later re-commenced to help the team in gathering momentum, and it was not long after that of course things started happening on the pitch. When it seemed only a draw was up for grabs, a Bohemian player charged down the left flank and his subsequent cross recoiled off theJablonec defense and rested in the opponents nets! Thereon a massive outbreaks of incredible euphoria came to be and knew no bounds. Three points from Jablonec after fifteen years, it was a dream! Fanaticism after the winning goal was unreal.

After a well-deserved end to the game we called our victorious players close to the stand and launched more chants while shortly after we slowly exited the stadium. It is clear that this would be a long night. the party of course continued in the capital city of Prague long into the night!

Rebel Ultras