Thursday , October 21 2021
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Everything is Magical; is it really?!?

A.C. Omonoia Nicosia. Nicosia-Cyprus

Everything seems magical.But is it really?

The stadium cameras don’t leave anything go by without documenting it.  Each action is followed by 10 replays and the “magic” of football  is delivered straight to your house or wherever you want to enjoy the World Cup matches.

Exit however from the concrete walls of the stadium where there is no cameras and documentation of the TRUE reality of what is really happening in Brazil…leaving us to live in our colourful little “wonderland” thinking that everything is really “magical”.

Brazil is the fifth largest economy in the world .. This fact is not reflected in our daily lives of its citizens and for this reason where there is fascism …. a revolution is born …


The costs of this year’s World Cup surpass 11 billion .. It is three times as much from the second most expensive World Cup. The unnecessarily wasted money, the corruption, new policies and high ranking political officer relationships with construction companies all lie hidden in the background.

80% of children are deprived of learning, the Third World healthcare system, the crimes that plague the cities because of the corruption and poverty of the state to give the favelas a lifestyle that suits single drug dealers, arms, human organ trafficking, but also many more miseries that simply cannot be comprehended by the human mind! All these give Brazilians countless reasons to assert for better days out in the streets of their towns.

A revolution is born .. Movements like passe livre (free movement) which threaten the smooth running of the World Cup, the teachers with the slogan “a teacher is worth more than Neimar” refusing for 43 days to teach. The drivers, the police, the natives who see their land destroyed-for the sick kinks of FIFA and every corrupted official – and many others do not seem to be willing to back down, and fight daily for better lives!


BOYCOTT this World Cup! Even though we do not know for sure how exactlythis will help the people who are already charged with a life full of injustices, but we owe it to ourselves and we have a responsibility in the eyes of humanity and in the depths of our conscience! Boycott this damn “Blood” Cup in a spirit of solidarity!

This “blood” world cup…..WE SHALL NOT WATCH!

(written by “Revolutionario”)

P.S. In the meantime while Gate 9 is boycotting the Cup we have organised last Thursday 12th June a talk and meeting at our central Fanclub in honour of the 86 years from the Commandante’s birth! LONG LIVE ERNESTO CHE GUEVARA! VIVA LA REVOLUCION


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