Saturday , September 25 2021
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Mediterraneo Antirazzista in Genova

Gruppo Autonomo Viareggio, Italy

In the 31 may and 1 June we travelled to Genova in order to participate in the Mediterraneo Antirazzista  (Mediterranean Antiracist) Football Tournament.

Other than us there were another 72 (!!) teams from all every Antiracist corner of Italy.  Teams came from areas like Sicily, Rome, Milano, Genova, Terni, Peruggia and many many more). All united together to play football against any form of racism or discrimination.

During the tournament there was also a book showing in memory of Dax; our Antifa brother who was murdered in Milano by a fascist pig. on the second day after all the football games had ended, a big reaggae concert was organised in the ‘Centro Sociale Pinelli’ (Pinelli Social Centre); and this provided a smashing end to a fantastic 2 day Antira event!




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