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What a season for Rayo!

Bukaneros, Spain

Next to the end of the season, and after a great couple of months, the salvation was close, so we thought it would be unacceptable not to be next to our team in the match Granada away, in such an important game.

Around 70 members showed up in Granada, sharing beers for a couple hours before entering to a game that finished 0 – 3 for our joy, sharing the great momento with around 200 more fans and the players. Salvation was almost there.

Next week we hosted Athletic de Bilbao. A match with a mark in every fan calendar. 2000 away fans came to enjoy sharing the day with the local fans in one of the very few places where they’re welcome due to the Basque Country issue.
We made a mark in our calendar for that day, as the one we decided to be the “Argentinian style tifo” we make every end of season. “Esta es tu hinchada la descontrolada” banner, umbrellas, hundreds of toilet paper rolls and thousands (or even millions) of paper pieces. The result was a delay of 15 minutes in the kick-off. Vallekas in a party atmosphere.

After this, we received the news that our capo was banned from the stadiums for the next two years. Repression is something usual in this group, but when it’s about our capo, it becomes a curse. Tens of thousands of euros and many years if we put together all the repression suffered by the holders of that mic.

Last game of the season was against Getafe, whose fans cheered 10 years ago with relegation songs for us while our club was falling to 2B division. This year, it was them who were about to fall to Second Division. Every fan was ready to create a great atmposhere in Vallekas, so we started the day with a corteo and a corridor for our players all Street long, as a “thanks” symbol and as inspiration to give everything at the ground, relegating Getafe to where they really belong.

We had a huge tifo (the way we did our last tifo last season in the stand, and not in our end), which was banned by the league owners, arguing “security stuff”. So we had to create a new one in the last moment, displaying our skull dressed the old Madrid style, with the sentence “Rayo, el chulo que castiga” (Rayo, the arrogant who punishes), in relation with the Madrid’s saint and the topic (according with the Madrid’s Day).

The team tried, but we couldn’t do it, and Getafe saved themselves, relegating Osasuna to second division. But the defeat couldn’t erase for our mind the great effort the players did in the second half of the season, giving everything they had, in connection with the fans, for keeping Rayo one more year in first division. So we wanted them to receive some presents in gratititude, so they can remember this year and this team wherever they are next season.
This match was also the last step of a whole weekend organized by the fans, as every year, in something that we call “Jornadas del Rayismo”, where we, the fans (not the club, not even their help, but at least this year not their opposition) organized numerous activities as speeches, football tournament, meals, etc…in the struggle of creating and perpetuating feelings and respect for our Red Stripe.
We lost all our matches in the tournament.

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