Saturday , September 18 2021

Nobody can stop Quarto!

Nostalgia Canaglia, Italy

They are trying to stop Quartograd but they will not succeed

Our last match of the season, the one that could have decided if we will be top of the League have been postponed for “public order” reasons by the police.

We were ready to go to San Giovanni a Teduccio, to play against Rinascita Sangiovannese, the current league leaders, having 3 points more than us, but first the police said that for reason of “public order” we had to play without supporters.

Of course we didn’t accepted this “solution” because for us players and supporters are the same thing, two side of the same idea. So they said we had to play in a bigger stadium (the one of San Giovanni is very small) and they choose the one of Ercolano. But some hours before the match the mayor of Ercolano said that he didn’t want us so the match has been postponed again.

After 2 weeks the police decided to let us play in another city, Volla, and so (maybe) we should play on Sunday this important match. This story is really incredible, even more if we think that this is not happening in a major league but in a minor and not professional league of the Italian football. Of course this is a way to try to stop a project of antifascist and popular football. A reason more to believe in the right cause of supporting: Quartograd!

If we win the match against Rinascita Sangiovannese we will play one more match against them for a run-off for direct promotion in Prima Categoria. If we don’t win we can still play the play-off match against the third in the standings.

In the two previous games we lost 2:1 against Rinascita Aminei and we won 3:1 against Sas Altair. On the terraces during the match with Rinascita Aminei we showed banners to condemn again the policemen that brutally killed Federico Aldrovandi (an 18 year old boy, murdered in 2005 in Ferrara by four police officers) after that police Union members applauded for five minutes and gave a standing ovation to the officers who were found guilty of the homicide in 2012!!!

During the match with Sas Altair we showed a banner in support to Ciro, the supporter of Napoli that before the final match for the Italy cup was shot by a nazi supporter of Roma and now is in the hospital fighting for his life: “Ciro non mollare” (Ciro don’t give up)!

We also condemned they way the police and the Italian journalists have faced the matter and we expressed our support to Gennaro De Tommaso, a Neapolitan ultras, that has been used as scapegoat of all the story, just because he talked with the Napoli captain Marek Hamsik before the match to have news of Ciro and he wore a T-shirt calling for the release of Speziale, a fellow Ultra in jail for the killing of a policeman at a Serie A match in 2007, that proclaim to be innocent. After the match Gennaro received a 5 years interdiction from all football matches in Italy!

Rebel Ultras