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Keeping Active over the Summer Break

BAC New LogoAs you know, our season has finished to beginning May, only our last activities was the spreading of our fanzine 3rd edition (Available Below), some members were spreading around Mexico’s city streets, on one sector from the central zone, some members were going in Bellas Artes where after to find with the comrades of EZLN section Mexico made the spread together with them and talked about the group and our movement as Supporters and giving our solidarity and fraternity to them, as both our groups are part of a similar movement with deep roots in revolutionary actions of Mexican history. All went very well and we have agreed to cooperate together for joint action in the future.

Then, our next projects are being with the “World cup football for peace” that is and initiative from Colombia with our brothers and sisters of ”Futbol Subverso” together with some Brazilian Brigades all against the social injustice in Colombia and against dispossession to the people in Brazil surrounding the FIFA world cup. We believe that is very important to carry out such solidarity with our brothers and sisters in those conditions, is very very sad seeing what is happening on a daily basis; people die by hunger or have  are brutally moved out of their homes, being constantly repressed by murderous governments.

So, together with all this also we decided intervene with the solidarity with our family of EZLN in Chiapas, justice for our mate Galeano and the fucking paramilitaries that go inside the Zapatistas communities and attack them. That is a serious problem, so, we and others comrades Club América’s supporters we’re making the propaganda and announcements in the city and on social networks. All this projects will take around nearly 3 months. We will commence this weekend with the magistery CNTE where teachers from all over Mexico will congregate following nearly half a year on work stoppage. they will concentrate on the monument of the revolution, (place where Ritual del Kaoz and us meeting when we go to matches away). Then we going to start to play some football game together with them and explain the movement.  thus reminding them that they aren’t alone in this struggle. Then…those’s our projects before to start the season again and we never forget of our social problem by going to one Football game, the truth is on the streets!

We don’t rest, from the terraces to the streets!


Gallery Below (please read above for the description of the below activities)


The Third Fanzine in English is found below:

Below is the invitation to the ”Football world cup for peace” (by: Futbol subverso).

To more info: (Mexico: [email protected] & [email protected]) (Colombia: can be found on the pdf)

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