Thursday , October 21 2021

April Roundup

Vamos Bien logoThe turkish courts have granted a motion for stay of execution against e-ticket (passolig), but this decision is not being enforced by some stadiums and club boards yet.

Our title is completely secure now, the league is officially over and we are the champions (no time for losers haha). We didn’t get inside the stadium for celebrations, as we did not enter the stadium for whole season.

We were in the park, at our usual location and we held our own celebrations there.

1 may, labor day was brutal as usual. We were there with about 35 – 40 members, it’s not that smart to write our actions but we did good. Noone was hurt, no one was taken in custody from vamos bien. On 13th of may a terrible disaster happened in Soma mines. An explosion occurred in the mines, and this created a fire. At least that’s what they say. This is by far the worst mine disaster in Turkey. The officials say 301 people are murdered (they are not killed, they are murdered), but the unofficial number is more than 600 hundred, the locals say. In the protests against crime minister Recep TayYip Fuckface, he attacked a local and punched him in the head. As always we are there active in all the struggles. See you all soon antifa brothers and sisters.

Rebel Ultras