Thursday , October 21 2021

A slow start for Impact

Logo Front Commun Montréal3 coaches, 0 wins: this is the message sent by Front Commun Montreal to the owners and managers of the IMFC at their opening match at Saputo Stadium. A banner has been deployed by FCM to highlight that since the entry of the Montreal Impact Football Club in MLS, in 2012, three different coaches have stood on the sidelines with more than mixed results . Right now, all of them are still on the team’s payroll! The performance of the team during the championship, the players management and defensive deficiencies have been and are still critical issues to the organization. But this message, far from being addressed only to the club coaches was also aim at the technical staff and management of the IMFC for their improvisation and lack of seriousness in the decision made regarding the head coach and international transfers.

The 2014 season is no exception to the problems experienced by the Montreal Impact Soccer Club as evidenced by their results with a record of 0 win, 3 draws and 4 defeats and 14 goals conceded in their first 7 games. Fortunately, the season opener at Saputo Stadium helped the Impact win its first win (1-0) against Philadelphia in front of an enthusiastic kop in the stands (lots of chants, tifos, banners and smoke). The victory is also good news since it was acquired by a great defensive performance, which shed some positive light towards the race for the playoffs while putting a balm on the wounds of the IMFC .

In addition, the return of Adrian Lopez (central defender) and Hernan Bernardello ( midfielder ) after injuries and the beginning of the CONCACAF championship make supporters hopeful for the Champions League CONCACAF tournament.

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