Saturday , September 25 2021
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Solidarity with Antifa Ultras

Brigata Manicomio, Italy

Italy is shaken by the polemic about the ultras world.newspapers,radio,tv and people in the streets,everyone talks about it.

We shout our hate towards everyone use weapons rather than free hands,the street like the terraces has their own rules!!!

We want to keep on with our believes about the ultras mentality, Antifascist and Antiracist attitudes, we fight against the measures that forbid us from expressing our political attitude at the stadiums.

We think that stadiums are social and communicative spaces, and therefore we want to keep this ultras style alive as this is not just a Sunday routine!!!

Solidarity to: Antifa Ultras,our no tav comrades chiara, nico, claudio and mattia arrested in Val Susa. our last solidarity message goes to Ciro, the Naples Ultra who was shot by a Fascist scum during the final match of Copa Italia in Rome!!!!

Always Antifa…we NEVER forgive….we NEVER forget!

Brigata Manicomio Spartak Lecce


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