Saturday , September 18 2021
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Season ends for Livorno

Curva Nord, Italy



Our last home game and the defeat by Fiorentina, was our last game at the Serie A.

It was a difficult season for us, we tried and gave our best but a series of reasons brought us at this point.

We keep our heads up, and we carry on. Livorno shall grow stronger and it will.

The second most important news, is the change in our club’s presidency. Aldo Spinelli, after 15 years being the president of Livorno left us (finally) and Stefano Bandecchi is now in charge.

However the new president’s reception has not been accepted by some people in Livorno as they are apprehensive towards his background and intentions. Time will show though and we will remain vigilant in order to protect this great club and its glorious history.



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