Saturday , September 25 2021
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Action at the Volleyball

Navajo new logoIn early April our volleyball team was giving the most important fight of the season in an effort to stay in Dvision one and avoid relegation in the game against Pamvochaikos.

Approximately 50 members of the Navajo traveled to enhance the team effort . Arriving there the people in charge of the stadium told us that there were no available seats for us while the stadium was empty!!! We sat for some time outside the stadium shouting slogans and when the match began we tried to force our way through the entrance and into the stadium, thereby coming one-to-one with the police and stadium security forces. Thereon we managed to break the back door and made our way into the journalist boxes inside the stadium. There we shouted songs for our team upon which time the police again arrived and we had another confrontation.  The match ended by our team losing 3-1 which brought the club in a very difficult position with regards to relegation.

The last game was at hopme against AEK Athens. The stadium was full and we hosted approximately 50 travelling AEK fans. During the game antifascist songs where sang by both team supporters and also songs against Kouyias.  Our team lost the game 0-3 and hence we entered into the “play out” stages against three teams (Egino, Panathinaikos and Aris of Salonica). Even though our team won 4 out of the 5 games in the play out stage, the combination of points we had gathered through the play outs and the normal championship phase where not enough to keep us in first division thus we got relegated

However the pleasant news is that lately more and more voices are being heard against the removal of the fascist lawyer and current president of the football division of our club Alexis Kouyias, and we will not rest until this scum is removed and has nothing to do with our beloved and historical club.



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