Saturday , September 25 2021

April Roundup

Ultras Bohemians, Czech Rep.

Bohemians-Slavia On Sunday – The big derby! And as always we were all very excited for it. A conflict with our sworn rival is always tense , both on the pitch and in the terraces.

In addition, the game was preceded by several days of speculation by the media , various security measures and bigotry in social media and forums by “internet hooligans” .

It was therefore expected to be very interesting and suspenseful match .

Flags – Where prominent throughout the game, but we placed a lot of falgs and banners in the area on the terraces that is apportioned for this purpose. We exhibited banners against Miroslav Pelta who is the main Czech president of the football association and relates to Slavia. The opponents begun to arrive around three quarters of an hour before the opening whistle .

Around the same time we begun our “mutual incitement” which included the burning of some Slavia scarves . After the first half their was a minor skirmish in the grandstand. Not surprisingly, it wasbetween Bohemian fans and stadium security from which the latter the whole incident was provoked .

For a while the match was nterrupted because of this. Another highlight of course was the support of both fan groups, which was strong throughout the game. Generally it was a classic derby game atmosphere and ambience in the stadium

Game vs mlada boleslav:

The Bohemians mainly traveled to the game in cars. Almost at the same time we also managed to join up in a convoy with a group of bikers, supporters of Bohemians, whose trip had been planned a few days ahead. Finally, from Ďolíček came around another 17 bikes of all kinds. this ended up in around two hundred kangaroos finding their way in the away sector. The atmosphere was relaxed, paradoxically, due to ever increasing awareness of the team’s imminent descent to second division, however cheers for the entire match where heard without a stop and even when the home side scored the kangaroos’ vocal cords where never undermined in any way. No extra large fanaticism, but the support of our players for 90 minutes was there and was strong! and this is how it should be. We did not exhibit any pyro during this game however it was a fun experience and good to show our support to our club.

Rebel Ultras