Saturday , September 18 2021

April Roundup

Frente Rojiblanco, Spain

We bring you the report from 15th to 30th April. We were in two games: on 17th April against UP Plasencia and on 27 April against CD Zafra.

First match, against UP Plasencia, the team won 3-2 with a goal at last minute. The match was at 17:00 (we normally play at 12:00) so we had the opportunity to make a great pre-match. At the end of the match we use two smoke bombs.

Next weekend was our more expected moment of the year. We celebrated our 5th anniversary. We started with a pyro show on friday’s training (video below ). We also show a banner with motto “Cinco años haciendo brillar un escudo” (five years shining our emblem).

On Saturday there were many activities: talks, screenings… We also went to an important match for our youth team (“juvenil” in Spanish). The won the league after winning 6-0 to CD Zafra. We use many flares in the celebration. At night there was a big party in a local pub with live music (thanks to the bands!) and a lot of alcohol!

In conclusion, on sunday we had match against CD Zafra. In the front were our brothers of Frente Azul. You can see their tifo here:

We drew 4-4, it was an amazing match. We showed a tifo with the year of our foundation and the slogan “fifth anniversary” using only our colors: red and white. After the match we make a pyro show with the colaboration of Frente Azul and a big paella in our local to close the celebration of our anniversary.
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