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End of Regular Season and Liguilla

Club de Fútbol América S.A. de C.V. Mexico City-Mexico

Close of regular season and our team needed a victory, were in 5th position and if they won, then would rise till 3rd position and then we close the liguilla’s (playoff league) games at home. Unfortunately wasn’t so, we drew in our stadium against Querétaro  and later in away against Toluca the same score without a win, so we were stuck in 5th position.

Is hard in the local games because the police won’t allow Drums and Banners sometimes inside the Stadium with the general organization Ritual del Kaoz, on the game against Querétaro, we had neither drums or banners, just our voice and many people did not like this event as it denies our group its character!  We think that is not necessary the drum and the banners every time, but sometimes is necessary for the people can sing with more passion, if the people don’t start contesting these state decisions then in colourful South American football culture will be lost and then we must work harder to remove that idea and make the people sing with passion at least, without having the all necessary banners and drums to complement our singing.

About that, in a protest form, we started to push at the Police and all guys and girls started to get out the 48 sector (always we have to wait 30 or 45 minutes in order to get out of the stadium after of end each match, but not on this occasion, if they oppressed us then we will react as well!).

In the away match against Toluca the coordination Ritual del Kaoz could introduce some banners and some drums, and this resulted in a great party in the stands, all members singing and singing, on the half time we were singing chants against Televisa and John de Luisa (ex manager of Club América) on those weeks was quiet time, not much movement and neither many troubles.

Club América played the first game of Liguilla at home against Santos (4th and 5th place of the table), we won 5 -3 in a game which was very exciting to watch, this Saturday is the return game (away), our team will head out there with its 5 – 3 cushion and we hope that with this score can give us with a couple of away goals a deserved spot in the Semifinals.

Game against Querétaro

Game against Toluca (away)


Liguilla: America vs Santos:


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