Thursday , October 21 2021

Against Police Repression

Nostalgia Canaglia, Italy

Unfortunately only a draw for Quartograd in the last game. Under a heavy rain we finished the match with 9 players, due to some questionable decisions of the referee, but the guys never gave up until the last minute. The final score have been 2-2 at home against Sanità. We are still top of the league but on an equal footing with Rinascita Sangiovannese. We both have 55 points and there are still three match to play in this seasons. The last one will be away against them, so its destined to be very interesting!

In the terraces Nostalgia Canaglia showed a banner to condemn the police violence that occurred during the demonstration in Rome two week ago with several demonstrator beaten by the cops. “Roma 12.4.2012 Un altro abuso lo ha dimostrato, lo sbirro deve essere identificato” (another abuse has proven the fact that the cop must be identified). Since its creation Nostalgia Canaglia promoted a political campaign to ask for identification numbers on police uniforms, that in Italy is not mandatory. It is a struggle to prevent power abuse and State killing.

One week ago, when the championship was stopped, we organised an event to meet the costs of banners and choreography but also to organise a big party on the 26 of june, for the second birthday of the team. In honor of old football passion we did also a Subbuteo tournament. We also played some good music and of course drank beer.

The 13th of April we played away against Sanità were we won 2-4. A banner of Nostalgia Canaglia recalled a young player of Real San Felice, a team that plays in “Promozione”, who tragically died this month in a car crash: Giuseppe Feola, 24 years old.

Next Saturday we will play away against Rinascita Aminei.

Avanti Quartograd! We are always with you!

Rebel Ultras