Saturday , September 25 2021

April Roundup

Royal Standard De Liege. Liege-Belgium

We are now at six games on ten of the play off and we just pass second for the first time of the season after the lost against Anderlecht yesterday. Four teams can still be champion, bruges 42 points, Standard with 40 points, anderlecht with 39 and zulte with 38.

For the first game against anderlecht, we organised a tifo with 7000 toilets paper placed everywhere in the T3. The organisation was simple but the visual was wonderful.  The atmosphere during the game was great with 10 terrible last minutes. Nothing special to say about the visitors, we never heard them. Anthony Moris, a former player of Standard, was in the terrace with us. We had also the visit of Laurent Ciman (our central defender) to the Cosa after the game.

Final score : Standard – anderlecht : 1-0 .

For the second game, we were to zulte. 60 members came from Liège but had a problem with the bus, they arrived at the end of the first half time. 20 others members from others sections had to go on there own because of this problem but arrived on time.

Final score : zulte – Standard : 2-0.

For the third game we were to genk. 75 members went to this game, including some of our UH99 brothers from Tel Aviv. We did a good draw in consideration of the circumstances because we played a long time 10 against 11 after an undeserved exclusion during the first half time.

Final score : genk-Standard : 2-2 .

The next game we played at home against lokeren. We still had the presence of our UH99 brothers for this game. We started the game very bad, and after 64 minutes it was 0-2 for lokeren. The team then woke up and came back with 2 goals, but we finally lost 2 stupid points.

Final score : Standard – lokeren : 2-2.

On Monday 21th, we played against Bruges. It was the last game with most of our UH99 brothers.  We came back with a good draw because we didn’t played well. Bruges did a nice tifo, but unfortunately it was organised and paid by the sponsors.

Final score : bruges – Standard : 0-0.

Yesterday, the 27th of April, we played the return game at anderlecht. We had 50 tickets for our members, and two UH99 were still with us. We lost our first position for the first time of the season after this defeat. We did a very good first half time but we only score one gaol (it should be 0-3 for us with more application of our strikers). During the second half time we disappear of the game and Anderlecht score two times.

Final score : anderlecht – Standard : 2-1.

Everybody loose points so the championship is more open then ever. Our two

next games will be very important because we play zulte and bruges at home. After that we will go to lokeren and we will finish home against genk. We have everything in our hands to win the championship but we need to high our level and to be more realistic front of the goal.

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