Saturday , September 25 2021

Match Reports- April

Ultras Bohemians, Czech Rep.

Match Reports : Against Olomouc , Jihlava a home match against Slavia Prague and Teplice


Away against Olomouc was a big disappointment for us. Since Winter we had planned a trip in Spring, and therefore the had a low turnout in the sector (about a hundred). Nevertheless, we managed to hold support at a very good level, especially in situations where the game developed in our favor. After the final whistle blew we lit several pyro. Followed by exhibiting out “gratitude” to the players by shouting “We want Bohemians ,” and “We Bohemka , you ‘re nothing ! ” Our patience was really running out!

During the Teplice, upon the entrance of the team we displayed our ultras choreo against the media with the word “STOP lies” . From the beginning, our support was at a good level, involving mostly the core of the group, which was packed in good numbers with a proper turnout. Among the already traditional chants we sang songs against Pelt , which readily get our main grandstand also involved! In the 20th minute the guests took the lead, but Bohemians had everything in store for the second half of the game were they overturned the result! The whole stadium at this moment was on its feet. Support escalated and I dare say that reached the best level this season!the end of the game saw another great pyro show by our home support!

Jihlava game on Friday in the middle of Spring was a really unpleasant routine for us. Many of our fans made their way to the Highlands and as such our sector was missing about 200 of its core crew. However this did not daunt our spirits and we where there as always passionate in our support! On the pitch , the match throughout the level, and it certainly contributes to our support , which is especially in the second half of the confrontation . Highlight of the chants was the  ” Horto ” song which lasted for a good ten minutes at a time and which really engages the vast majority of the sector and the rest of the crowd. At the beginning we had choreographed the ‘ TODAY WE BELIEVE’ ,  At the end of the game we had another small pyro show in stall for the crowd.


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