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History of the Viareggio Tournament

Viareggio LogoThe Centro Giovani Calciatori was founded in 1947 , November 20 .

In February the following year ( 1948) in conjunction with the course and the masked parade of floats , skeleton of a famous carnival in the world , the founders of the CGC had the brilliant idea to organize a inter-provincial tournament which they called ” Carnival Cup ” . The need and above all the desire to re-open the doors of the outside world at the beginning of the post-war period , together with the success and requests for participation were such that in the following year (1949) transformed the local tournament to an International Tournament . It was thus born on 1st Viareggio Tournament .

The ” Viareggio Tournament ” or a piece of football history that has been handed down for over fifty years . The enthusiasm that has always guided the Centro Giovani Calciatori , along the journey of the past fifty years has been the mobilising factor of the event. The roll of honor of the event as it is imprinted on our letterhead , you talk to them with the name of the teams that have won the event.

They are also present in the historical memory of the names of the players participating in the tournament who have later soared to bright national and international careers . We can not but mention the three editions won, as a player , by Giovanni Trapattoni with the Milan shirt ; Venglos in ’56 with the Dukla Prague now, after CT of the Czechoslovak National at Euro 1976.

If you want to then move on to the players we can not forget Buoninsegna , Mazzola , Frustalupi , who in the sixties have , with Agroppi , Chiarugi and Merlo , marked a major milestone . In the seventies, however, Oriali , Bordon for Inter and Fiorentina Antognoni with that have come together to win a few years later , the World Cup.

Carnival, Tovalieri and Giannini have worn the jersey of Roma , which together with the nursery of Turin held bank in the eighties with the famous Baggio, Mancini, Vialli and Tacconi , also passed from here . To get to the nineties with Tacchinardi , the Morpheus, the Pessotto , and after ten years with the future world champions in Germany as Buffon, Amelia , Zambrotta , Del Piero Perrotta , De Rossi, Totti who have had their baptism in this prestigious tournament.

But in addition to the Youth Center Soccer Tournament World Cup the club also carries other four sections: Athletics, Football, Hockey and Basketball . Over four hundred athletes from nine to twenty-five years for which the club provides medical , to kits , to trips to sporting facilities and everything that involves the sport of four sections: a true commitment to sports!

Many prestigious sporting achievements have been reached by sections of the Centro Giovani Calciatori over the years.

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