Thursday , October 21 2021
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Its going to be a Bukaneros Summer!

Bukaneros, Spain

Three matches since our last news. Two at home, one away. We didn’t do it for the away one, so this week will be quick.

First mixture was against Celta de Vigo on Saturday afternoon. Good time schedule for a massive away supporters arrival. Maybe the best visitors of the season (according to their support even loosing).

On our side, we displayed a huge tifo covering all our end, with “Ultras, thousand ways to die, just one for a living”, with our ADRV heart on it.

We displayed as well a banner in memory of Iñigo Cabacas in the second anniversary of his murder, according to a campaign promoted by all the antifa groups of Spain.

We celebrated the victory together with our players as usual since we made them get out after the defeat against Sevilla to tell them that we would never stop supporting, no matter what, if they never stop fighting.

Next match at home was against Betis, a match where we could almost completely certificate ur salvation for next year, so we received our players with a tifo displaying: “The objective is close. Fight with strength!”. Rayo won easily, and once more, fans and players celebrated together after the match, waving some of the flags we made for the tifo.

But not everything is party, and we found a moment to remember two fellas in prison for Madrid Riots one month ago. We want them home, and we want it now.

Far from our stadium, we participated in the campaign for Cabacas, being represented in the memorial act with the rest of the groups, in form of scarves and an unitary banner.

And anticipating the summer, we created some new merch for this last matches, as new incomes of stickers, which are always completely sold out as soon as they’re on sale, and a rip-off t-shirt of the classic Lonsdale design.



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