Saturday , September 25 2021
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Through the eyes of the soul ! Part 2

Ultras Bohemians, Czech Rep.

40-year old Czech Ladislav Rada went for the first time in stadium at the age of just 10 years old when his father took him to a game of Bohemians 1905 . Thirty years later “Lada” continues to go to 6-7 games a year.
A photographer spotted him in the crowd at Saturday’s game against Sparta Prague and sends the photo above which immediately went viral on the Internet. A few days later the photographer searched and found Lada off the field and took a short interview for the sake of a Czech portal giving him some publicity and a chance to talk about his favorite dogs ,his love of football , music and ping pong.
Unlike all the other fans, Lada finds satisfaction in the sounds , a key feature of the game that many people unconsciously overlook or underestimate. One particularly hot cue for him is the core of the Bohemians fans singing and the sound that the ball makes when its being kicked inside the pitch!

“I love the sound the ball makes when its kicked. I could just watch the game in front of a TV but there you cannot hear this sound”, he says at one point of the interview.
Lada , as is easily seen from the impressive photo, is always “pinned” to the game, along with 5 year old Angie , who is “driver ” ( two bodies – two eyes on the road , two bodies – two eyes att the stadium some may say…) He is blind. He was born blind. But that doesn’t stop him one little bit!

As commented  once by the great and wise José Saramago at the end of of his book ” Regarding Blindness ” , the question of any of the protagonists ‘ is “why have we been blinded ? ” After vision has been restored in society : ” I think we have not been blinded , I think we are just blind! Blind who see…but cannot see…even though we have our sight!”

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