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Through the Eyes of the Soul! Part 1

A.C. Omonoia Nicosia. Nicosia-Cyprus

Marios Vouttis: with the eyes of soul

In the great family of OMONOIA there is a man living our team in a different way , perhaps purer than everyone of us . Marios uses the “eyes of his soul” to hold the clib strongly within his life. In the Eastern grandstand of GSP Stadium in the field of season tickets , dominates the character of Mario Vouttis, a man whose characteristic does  not act as a reason to keep him away from Omonia, but in turn strengthens his passion for the club.

Marios accompanied by his father , Christos and a small Radio , lives with passion every moment of our team , even though he is completely blind! “When I go in the stadium I always carry a small Radios with me , put the headphones on my ears and hear the soccer game. When the radio does not transmit the OMONOIA game I take off my headphones and my father describes to me what is happening on the field ” .

“I enjoy going to the stadium to watch OMONOIA games . I love to hear the slogans , people’s reactions , their joy , their sadness , their agony ” Marios said, who with great labor and effort , is currently studying in the Department of Modern Greek Byzantine Studies, at the University of Cyprus .

His relationship with Omonoia , as he told the official website of the club started before many years : “I started to support OMONOIA more strongly when Rainer Rauffmann was playing for the team,  while I started actively going to the stadium from 2009 onwards. Initially I tried to go to GSP because it was in better condition than other stadiums. Gradually my presence at the games became more frequent. Today I regularly watch OMONOIA games. ”

The great love for our team grew out of the experiences of his father : “My father is a fan of OMONOIA,  when I was younger he always spoke with admiration for the club. He was telling me about the history and ideals , what the club represents, while he told me with pride about the titles and trophies that the club had won and its achievements on and off the pitch . From the day of its establishment until today, Omonoia has won more titles than any other team in Cyprus . I also like OMONOIA for all its social action. ”

Mario wanted to send his message to the world of OMONOIA supporters: “I want to ask the fans to remain on the team’s side, as it has done with enviable devotion for so many decades. We should support our players. I hope that better days will come in Omonia and we will be able to do it again as it was in the past and as it deserves to be. ”

Subsequently, Marios explained how he treats football : ” I ​​do not like bigotry and believe it has no place in sport . The stadium should go about enjoying life. Why act in ways that would punish my team or why my actions endanger other fans? In football as in life, people make ​​mistakes, but we must remain calm. Football is my life, my sight! ”

As for the players of Omonoia , Marios felt the need to give one piece of advice : “They must believe in their strengths and not question themselves. When people exhibit doubt towards them they in turn must become more stubborn and prove on the pitch who they really are! ”

Regarding the pleasant moments that he holds dear to his heart, Marios told us : “There were many enjoyable moments , such as winning the championship in 2010 and the two cup conquests that followed. Also , I remember as a very pleasant moments last year’s victory over APOEL 3-0 , one win over Anorthosis 3-1 away , when we won AEL 4-0 during the season that we won the championship, as well as a victory 2-5 on Apollo away. ”

As we pointed Marios , lives fully within the moments of our team. He also remembers some unpleasant moments : “The most unpleasant moments for me came from the European games . Exclusion from Salzburg and Red Star during the penalty shootout, was one of the most unpleasant moments . ”

When the greatness of the soul , met the greatness of a large club:

In conclusion, Marios explained to us how important role Omonoia plays in his everyday life: “When OMONOIA is doing well then I can rest and sleep better, it has a very positive effect on me . Generally I enjoy watching Omonia play. I look forward to coming on the weekends to the stadium . That way I renew my strength , to continue my efforts, during my daily life. I love Omonoia it’s a part of my life!”

The Board of OMONOIA decided to honor Mario Vouttis, before the start of today’s match between our team and Ermis FC, to the express thereby the absolute admiration we have for his commitment to the club. Marios is an example of pure devotion and love for the club and we are honored to have him in our big family.

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