Saturday , September 25 2021

Against Brazil 2014

Brigata Manicomio, Italy

Against a sick football , always more addicted to the logic of profit and speculation , where passion , sweat and desire to win have been replaced by money and corruption, the need for a clean and popular football is the only feeling that can arise.

Convinced that another kind of football can be possible and necessary, we repudiate the modern game and disrespect FIFA , the owner of a world, the football world, that was born and raised in the streets, in the dirty fields, just like the ones where Spartak plays.

It ‘s unbelievable that in a country like Brazil, where poverty and lack of adequate medical care for all are on the agenda, where life is a daily struggle against injustice and insecurity , they are spending 35 billion dollars to build stadiums, arenas and accommodations that, exactly like in the past events of great works and abuses, will be abandoned immediately after the end of the World Cup!

We believe that Brazilian politicians’ hands and the rest of the world are already too stained with blood so we can’t permit them to continue this dirty game! Brazil is home to many of the greatest players in the world, football idols of other times, guys who grew up in the slums and achieved one goal: to emerge from the shadows , running from the poverty in which certain areas forgotten by most relegate you , thanks to a leather ball and a lot of sacrifices . This land is not only this , because its streets tell of hardship and exploitation , between tradition and West World violence , despite the great promises of more or less democratic governments , so it can not be offended with this waste of money , like in a film already seen too many times : billionaire investments, waste, expropriation of land and housing , only to stage a welfare that does not exist, to create a showcase in order to measure up to the “developed” world , just to appear praiseworthy, while hunger , insecurity and inequity are bending a population.

This is the logic of the modern game , a mere place to do business , where there are only companies and finances , not passion and aggregation. For this reason we continue to fill the streets and keep doing so , alongside those who struggle, those who rebel!


Rebel Ultras