Saturday , September 18 2021

Mid-April News

Curva Nord, Italy

Difficult times for Livorno. The team sadly did not come through as we wanted, and at the most crucial match against Chievo we lost, and with the defeat we lost a great chance to move upwards on the board and avoid the “danger zone” that leads to Serie B.

Before the game against Chievo, we faced Inter at home. At that game we managed to get the 2-2 draw at the last minutes of the match which gave us a little hope for the next games against Juventus and Chievo.

Away at Juventus stadium, we knew that the most important game would be the following one against Chievo. We lost the game with a 2-0 score. And with that defeat we moved on to the big game, the “Final” against Chievo.

Dissapointed again, we lost with a 2-4 score. The team tried to get a positive result, but lots of factors brought us the defeat. And this brought us facing Milan, away. Again, a series of factors stopped us from being able to fight for a positive result. A penalty for us that was given outside of the box, a goal by Milan that probably came after a foul. And on top of this, we had some “strange” results at the games of the teams that are below us, also fighting to remain at Serie A.

Important to say, is the sad occasion we had in the last days. We had the 2 years since the day our player Piermario Morosini left us. On that tragic afternoon on the 14 April 2012 at the away game against Pescara, our Piermario lost his life wearing our shirt. Two years since that tragic day, our “Moro” is always with us, and always one of us!

The latest news, also have to do with the disposal of our coach Di Carlo, with his substitute being the coach that di Carlo replaced! The great coach Davide Nicola, the man who led us in Serie A. We hope, mister Nicola will bring back the fighting spirit and as we managed to get the promotion to Serie A under his guidance, we will manage to be saved and stay at Serie A.

Rebel Ultras