Saturday , September 25 2021
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The “Passolig” shall not PASS!

Vamos Bien logoThe government had passed a so-called anti-violence law for stopping violence in sports (6222) last year. This month, thanks to this law, a bank introduced a kind of e-ticket and credit card called Passolig.

Passolig is some kind of a bank card and football fans will have to pay for this and only the ones who own a passolig card can enter football matches!

However, how a bank card will stop violence in football? Nobody can answer that. The Football Association is forcing all clubs to accept that and only Fenerbahce and Kasimpasa did not accept to use this card.

Almost all football fan groups started a campaign against this. Whehter the campaign will be successful or not, it is not clear. The sad thing is a lot of people is supporting this bank-card/e-ticket, they do not see the fact that the so-called violence in football is far overrated propaganda by media, because violence in Turkey is everywhere, homes, school, streets, public transport etc, people got convinced in a wrong way that there is so much violence in football. The Government and its mechanisms are clearly out to kill our passion!

However we shall not give in or give up! The struggle WILL continue!

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