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The Repression Continues!

Club de Fútbol América S.A. de C.V. Mexico City-Mexico

Brigada Azul Crema’s Latest news (April) (5 and 13 April 2014)

April 5: Derby against Cruz Azul, the atmosphere was heavy following all the problems that happen when Chivas Fans hit at Police the last March 22 in the Estadio Jalisco. following this incident the government officials approved the law which states: the people that hit one police will be condemned at 4 years in prison!

The media as always went in the front line by demonizing fans and getting trying to sway public opinion into disappearing the ultras culture from the stands. therefore at the 5th April game against Cruz Azul the police presence was overpowering.  they positioned themselves around the stadium, never had we seen so many police before watching over a local game!  Following this event, we called upon all supporters in Mexico to join our campaign ”Antirepresiva” because the government officials and media wants to disappear us and remove our rights, by enforcing unbelievable amounts of controls, massive  police presence, all of which at the end are paid by our (taxpayers) money!

As a result, we couldn’t display our banner in the stadiums as there was too much repression and control as all eyes, cameras and media were upon us. But we will definitely not surrender! We will return again as always stronger, and in a spirit of undefeated solidarity. Our team lost the derby per 3 – 1 , for whoever wants to know the score.

Our latest action was on Puebla away, Ritual del Kaoz and Brigada Azul Crema met at the Revolution monument, hundreds of lads and ladies accompanying Club América in away, ready to go session!  Overall it was a pleasant relaxing trip, no police no repression, but when we arrived the stadium nobody wanted to sell us tickets and others tried to black market expensive tickets to our visiting fans. But someb comrades managed to get into the stadium while others stayed outside.  This is just evident of how hard things are for us at the moment in Mexico. As such we really hope that through our campaign we can create awareness and pressure for things to change something as all fans should stick together against this oppression and repression.

Below is a link of the campaign in Spanish. Please feel free to translate it and repost it in your own languages. United We Stand ! Antifa Greetings to you all brothers and Sisters!


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