Saturday , September 25 2021
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Season is Over, Antifa Action never stops!

Brigata Manicomio, Italy

Another championship is over for Spartak.

After having kept a really satisfactory position until half of the matches, some tiredness and referee mistakes have taken us to last position. We don’t care! Our ideals overcome the result on the pitch, and having brought them onto the pitch is our most important victory. Our goals are fair play, no compromise and take after-match parties with our opponents. The brigade has followed the team in 90 minutes of rain, cold, sun, whatever weather with songs, smoke , and love for the team.

The end of the championship has made us live the experience of Football With NO borders, the antiracial tournament that has taken place in Lecce for 6 years. We are going to organise as well the No Racism Cup during the summer holidays with free campsites, political debates, music and sports. We hope other teams like ours will join the event. Our thorough solidarity and support go out to our No Tav comrades Chiara, Mattia, Claudio e niccolò arrested with the accusation of terrorism and to all kinds of resistance, from the local to the antifascist ones.

INDEED OUR THOUGHTS ARE ALSO FOR OUR BROTHERS OF QUARTOGRAD, WHICH HAVE WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP FOR SECOND CLASS! MATES, WITH YOU FOREVER … See you soon, very soon on football pitches, on bleachers, along the streets, and in any fights! Rebellious Greetings to you all!

VIDEO LINK (dressing room songs)


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