Thursday , October 21 2021

Top of The League

Nostalgia Canaglia, Italy

Quartograd top of the league

The great season of Quartograd continues!

With a victory for 4 to 1 against Arzano in the 21st matchday the team remain the top of the league.

Man of the match Giosi Capuano that scored three goals, while the fourth was made by Daniele Gelotto. Quartograd finished the first half 1-0 and the team gave their best in the second scoring three more goal spreading panic in the opposite defense.

On the terraces the ultras of Nostalgia Canaglia showed two different banners. The first to back the team “To reach the first position, fight on every ball”, and the second in solidarity with the struggle of the people of Ponte La Pietra, a neighborhood of the city of Perugia, where there is a project to destroy the local stadium to built a church. The banner said: “Ponte La Pietra, less churches, more football”.

In his first season in Seconda Categoria, in the second year of its creation, the team coached by Fabio Amazzini is the team to beat, in first position with 51 points: 16 victories, 3 draw and 2 defeats. In second position there is the Sangiovannese with 49 points The captain, Fabio Di Gennaro, with 18 goals is the best scorer of the league. After him, best scorers of the team are Gelotto (9 goals) and Capuano (7 goals).

In addition to the championship Quartograd organized in February the “Hugo Chavez” cup together with the Consulate General of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Naples, to show support, in this difficult period, to the socialist revolution in Venezuela. On the pitch with Quartograd, that won the cup, two other anti racist teams, Stella rossa 2006 and Afro-Napoli United.

That day the comrades of the city painted a murals with the face of Hugo Chavez and the words “Another world is possible”.

The next match Quartograd will play away against Blue Lions, that at home in the first leg of the season beat 3-0.

Avanti Quartograd!

Rebel Ultras