Thursday , October 21 2021

March roundup

A.C. Omonoia Nicosia. Nicosia-Cyprus

March has been a very busy month for Gate 9. Seeing that we are well into the playoffs (and undefeated) Gate 9 has been following the team week in week out to all the derbies accross the island!

March has also been a month we have had the pleasure of hosting brothers and friends from Ultras groups like the M-Side of Den Bosch, The Green Brigade of Celtic (congrats on the third Championship in a row bhoys!!!), the legendary Hellside of Standard de Liege and of course our brothers of the Inferno!

We started the playoffs in Limassol against the fascists of Apollon, at a game where M-Side, Hellside and Inferno where all represented, a strong following of 2,500 Green and Whites were pitched again around 4,500 fascist scum. It was once again a well deserved victory in the stands. Gate 9 and the fanatical Omonoia support made the game seem like a home game and at NO POINT during the game where the opposing fans EVER heard.

The game ended in a fruitless draw but that did not stop the Green travelling army for pitching a party on the stands well after the final whistle was blown. The home “ultras” just were contempt to watching in disarray as we put on a smashing epilogue to an outstanding performance on the stands by the island’s finest Ultras “school” -G9!

A week later was the home game against the Famagusta chickens. This time their “ultras” decided NOT to attend the game. Their excuse was the bad results and management of their club, however we really know that a chicken needs at least 6 months to come together after (another) beating by the islands finest (And we ARE referring to ourselves!).

Team won easily and Gate 9 made a series of banners for the famagusta chickens, primarily related to the fact that they NEVER attend a game in other sports when their team faces us (while we repeatedly go, despite travelling support bans)…. We even drew them a Google map to help them find the stadium next time! :)

This week was the derby with the scum of Cyprus. The anticipation was big however the game was somewhat of a potato soup as it ended in a tasteless 0-0. However as always, Gate 9 delivered Ultras lesson to the wannabe orange “supporters”. Pyro singing where all one sided, and that side was GREEN! At the end of the game a few of their supporters started hurling objects at the terrace housing NORMAL OMONOIA supporters (men, women and children). As always their fascist brothers (the police) where ALL positioned on the Omonoia side.

At one point a few riot police WALKED into their terrace (the police did not even make a sudden move to break them up or arrest them). However its seems being a coward is something well rooted within the fascist DNA, this is evident in the fact that once the police entered their stand, we lay witness to the fastest reatreat in ultras history!!!! (Video below) HAHAHAHA RUN ORANGE RABBITS RUN!

GATE 9 in Limassol and vs the famagusta chickens

Two Videos Below, Gate 9 during team entrance vs the scum of Cyprus

The Scum “ultras” – Fastest retreat in ultra history!

Rebel Ultras