Saturday , September 18 2021
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March Roundup from Madrid

Bukaneros, Spain

Since our last news, Almeria was the first match we had, marked as important for two reasons: a victory that confirms the hopes of saving the division, and the Journey Against Racism we celebrated, as every year. We started with a speech by “SOS Racismo” on Friday, exclusive merch, graffity action and tifo displaying the guys from “La Haine”. We ended the day with a Rap concert in our pub.


Next weekend we moved about 70 members to Valladolid away to support our team in this crucial moment, heading with a tifo and our song the support of about 1200 fans. We had our banner in Valladolid, but it seems that’s not enough for cops and media, who insist we were in Madrid riots that night. We wish we could be everywhere…we keep trying.


A match on Wednesday let us enjoy another victory for our team against Osasuna, with the presence of Indar Gorri in the visitors stand and sharing some beers before and after the match. A tifo for the 10th anniversary of our Youth Horde, completed with a speech and a party.


And the last match for the moment was Bernabeu away, the derby against R. Madrid, where about 200 Bukaneros members joined by a loud bulk of Rayo fans (R. Madrid only gave 680 tickers that were sold out in a short time), leading the atmposphere (for visitors and for locals as well) even with a 5-0 against Rayo. Big fish eat small fish, but we did our part…tifo and a banner at the end of the match claiming our victory on the stands even with the defeat in the pitch.

Two interesting videos for Bukaneros





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