Saturday , September 18 2021

April Update

Frente Rojiblanco, Spain

We travelled to Fuente de Cantos on Sunday 17th March.

It’s a nearby town to Azuaga (about 40 minutes). The match was at 12:00 and it was very hot so we needed a lot of beer (Fuente de Cantos chairman was very happy with our expenditure in the bar!!!). 17 lads were drinking and supporting our team but we couldn’t win we only drew.

Next week (Sunday 24th) we won a match after 7 weeks. Our team beat Castuera and has virtually avoided relegation now, therefore we are pleased.

Last weekend of march (30th) 5 lads travelled to Coria (more than 500km round trip) to support the team but we lost the game 4-2.

Meanwhile we are working on an anti-racism debate with all social and political organizations of our town and preparing the celebration of our 5th anniversary next month.

Rebel Ultras